Vol XV, No. 1, 2015 Comments (0)

Ioana Alina CRISTEA
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

In this number of JEBP, two randomized controlled trials focus on pregnancy and test two types of interventions based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Randomized controlled trials are considered the gold standard in assessing the efficiency of psychological and pharmacological interventions alike, and evidence resulting from them is viewed as the strongest possible. The two trials in this number of JEBP focus on different stages of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as on different forms of CBT. In the first one (Anton & David, pp.3-15), a rational-emotive behavior therapy program aimed at preventing emotional distress is pilot tested on pregnant women and compared to community care. Results indicated that the program is more effective in reducing distress, anxiety and depression. In the second trial (Muresan-Madar & Baban, pp. 51-64) include women that were in the first 3 months following childbirth and compare a group cognitive behavioral therapy program based on cognitive therapy with a waitlist control. results showed significant differences at post-intervention between the two groups in postpartum depressive symptomatology, automatic thoughts and dysfunctional attitudes. both trials attempted to follow-up participants and reported a partially similar pattern of results as at post-intervention. while none of the trials included clinical patients and results are still preliminary and in need of further investigation, they do show CBT interventions might hold potential for pregnancy related and post-partum distress in healthy mothers. JEBP – as the only Romanian psychology journal indexed in Web of Science – is interested in stimulating critical analyses for rigorous developments of Romanian psychology. In this sense, the analysis by Dobrean & Matu (pp. 135- 146) can be important for international professionals to understand and start academic collaborations with Romanian colleagues. This study is in line with both the international and the regional focus of JEBP and it is timely for evaluating Romanian psychology 25 years after its re-birth following the fall of the Iron Curtain.

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